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Re and Al grew up playing sports - soccer, basketball, tennis, golf, and lived an overall active lifestyle. Cultivating habits of hard work and discipline, both went on to become successful basketball players in high school.

After graduating  high school, Re went on to get her real estate license and finish college. Al stopped playing basketball her senior year and joined the golf team! She then went on to finish college and they both had started full time corporate office jobs! 

Due to the new freedom of working life, both sisters GAINED Over 120 pounds EACH!!! Re and AL completely stopped working out and being active. New daily habits were formed, which consisted of eating out from drive-thru windows, sitting at a desk, followed by eating more processed foods after work, on a repeating cycle for about 2 years. 

It wasn't until Summer of 2019 did Re and Al both get seriously back into the gym and start a complete 180 degree turn on their lives!!! Slowly noticing a decline in overall health and happiness over time, the motivation to change something in their lives to create happiness was born. 

Re and Al started documenting their journey through the Whole 30 meal plans on YouTube, joined Chuze Fitness, started walking and being active, created new and fun perspectives on eating healthy and what healthy means to each of them. Add in the challenge of trying to navigate a global pandemic, and it was the true dedication and consistency that won out, and showed results were possible! 

Follow them on their journey to a healthy and happy lifestyle! 

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